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From the ashes...

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

2 August
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I'm five million years old, and was born in the now ruined city of Pompeii.

After my ninja father and elven mother died when I was only 2 million years old, I left the safety of an oversized shoe (of which I called my home), and set off into the world to fulfill my destiny- which I found out about from a talking pineapple- which consisted of me falling in love with a male sparkly vampire, who is unable to keep an erection.

How cliché.

Throughout my journey through life, I've come across many a strange thing; all of which I won't tell you because if I do then the killer rabbits of the Moon will be forced to come after you and...eat you? I suppose... Ahem. Er- yes! That's what they'll do.

And so the blah blah blah blah turtle blah blah butter-nut squash blah blah your mother blah blah Tom Felton and I blah blah blah pumpernickel.

I'm currently trying to succeed at World Domination, through being a kick-ass ninja.

As you may have fathomed, I haven't succeeded...yet.


Despite all my travels, I have settled in Australia; Western Australia, if I may be so accurate.

I will use this Journal for all of my silly thoughts, and to show my art and (eventually) my fanfics. Key word- eventually.

I'm a Harry Potter lover by heart, body and soul. Draco/Harry is my OTP. Slade/Robin is my second. Slade/Robin/Red-X is very close to second spot. ;)

I am almost ALWAYS mingling within the Harry Potter fandom, however- as you may have noticed above- I'm also a common visitor to the Teen Titans universe.

What can I say? Black-haired, orphan heroes being fucked by white-blonde haired bad guys turns me on. ;)

O_o Wow. The similarities between my two favourite pairings in two TOTALLY different universes/fandoms is... just TOO coincidental for my liking.